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Obviously, buying wow gold has its benefits over spending hours at a time farming or working at whatever your occupation may be, to try to earn and save enough gold so that you have the funds you need to purchase spells, weapons, tools, or anything else for that matter. It can save one hours of playing as many players simply don't have the patience or the time that is needed to earn enough wow gold and be successful in battles when playing World of Warcraft. Another added benefit of purchasing wow gold over trying to earn it yourself is that wow gold is sold for relatively inexpensive amounts and can be bought instantly from a reliable 3rd party web site or business. These companies will send over wow gold very quickly after payment is made so you can get what you need without having to wait for a few days for the gold to arrive. At most web sites where World of Warcraft gold is sold, you simply select your server and tell them which player to send the gold to. Once the payment is made, you can log in to WOW and see the gold in your account. With the speed of the Internet today the process of buying and trading wow gold is almost instantaneous. Light's Hope Gold 24/7 Friendly Service on R4PG, Buy Cheap Light's Hope WOW Gold with 5mins Delivery on All!

However, there are many negative aspects and risks involved with buying wow gold. First of all, many of the game's millions of members frown upon it and regard buying gold as unethical and cheating. After all, you are simply just paying for something that other players worked for hours on end to achieve. They feel that those who purchase wow gold are not playing World of Warcraft the right way and simply taking advantage of the situation and should be punished. The World of Warcraft moderators and administrators takes the act of buying gold from a 3rd party site rather than earning it yourself very seriously and if you are caught, your account is subject to termination with no refund. Be sure to think about that before you spend even more money on extra wow gold.

There are clearly two sides to this controversial WOW subject. Is buying wow gold ethical and should it be practiced? Well, it is clear that buying wow gold is not ethical and even against the World of Warcraft's Terms of Service. Even though it makes things that much more convenient and easy, at the end of the day, it is against the game's rules and there are serious consequences if you are caught purchasing wow gold.

The Bottom Line: Despite the convenience and appeal of spending a few extra bucks through a secure web site to purchase World of Warcraft Gold and save hours of hard work, I strongly recommend that you steer clear of this method of obtaining gold and play the game it was meant to be played. This may not be the answer that many of you were hoping for and personally, it does not matter to me whether you purchase wow gold or not. (Its continent and lets face it, not everyone has the time to spend hours each day playing WOW) However, you do not want to get your account banned and waste the money and time you have already put into the game so I suggest you be safe rather than sorry in this situation and not purchase wow gold.